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"I'm going bold. One of the best books I've ever read." MrsBrownsBookBox

My debut children's novel The Octopus, Dadu and Me is a story about grief, friendship and an octopus, illustrated with comic-style art by Lucy Mulligan and published by UCLan Publishing. Cover design by Selom Sunu

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FACT: Octopuses have three hearts.

FACT: Octopuses have BEAKS, like BIRDS.

FACT: The octopus at the aquarium is psychic!

Sashi feels like she has three hearts and they're all breaking. She's losing her beloved Dadu to dementia, and her parents don't even want her to visit him any more.

She hides from her grief in the aquarium, and that's where she meets Ian.

Like her Dadu, Ian is trapped. Like her Dadu, Ian should be at home with his family. And then Ian tells her he's in danger and only she can help him escape.

Except Ian just happens to be an octopus…

“The Octopus, Dadu and Me is a charming, touching, exciting debut, with an irresistible cast of characters I didn't want to leave behind. Now I'm off to case the local aquarium to get an octopus of my own…”

David Owen, author of Alex Neptune: Dragon Thief

“The Octopus, Dadu and Me is a beautiful and compelling story that wraps its tentacles around your heart. It deftly explores the subject of a family coping with dementia and the incredibly special bond between kids and their grandparents. With relatable friendships and a daring aquarium raid, as well as an extraordinary octopus called Ian, it’s a standout and thoroughly enjoyable debut. ”

Lucy Brandt, author of the Leonora Bolt series.

“My biggest endorsement for this book is that it made me cry, and not many do! It’s a beautiful story of love & grief, art & friendship, and the changes that come to families as you grow up…The cosiness & warmth of the book was exactly what I needed this winter, even while it grappled with some heavyweight themes.”

Sarah Driver, author of The Huntress trilogy & Once We Were Witches series

“A wonderfully heartwarming story about one girl's love for her Dadu. A touching tale of dementia, friendship and the wonder of an octopus told in a brilliantly contemporary and readable voice.”

Emily Kenny, author of The Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks

“A heartwarming tale of changing family dynamics, friendship and it features the best octopus in literature - Ian! What a brilliant debut!”

Masie Chan, author of Keep Dancing, Lizzie Chu.

"Lucy Unwin's debut is heartwarming and also compassionate in its exploration of grief, featuring an incredibly entertaining scheme to free an octopus. A delightful read!"

Ravena Guron, author of This Book Kills

The Octopus, Dadu and Me
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