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"A joyful, heartfelt story. Entertaining and empowering."

Jo Clarke

Coming November 2024 published by UCLan PublishingFind your passion. Build a team. Change the world.

3D graphic of a red book, with the words "Cover Coming Soon"

'What do you all come here for?’

‘Why, to change the world, of course! Don’t we all want to change the world . . . if we can?’


A General Election is coming and the Revolutionaries are gathering at Natalie’s house. She’s determined to be a part of it all, but is it really just about red coats, muddy boots and piles of glossy leaflets? Surely changing the world should be more exciting than that?


It’s time to start her OWN revolution – and it all begins with her pet rat . . .

Illustration of some rats
Illustration of some rats

“‘A joyful, heartfelt story about the power of friendship and having the courage to stand up for what you believe in. Entertaining and empowering, it shows children how small changes can create waves in society.'”

Jo Clarke, author of Libby and the Parisian Puzzle and The Travelling School Mysteries series.

“I LOVED this! It's so funny, original, and different. A moving, poignant testimony to the power of sibling affection, and a gentle reminder that changing the world begins at home.”

Piu DasGupta, author of Secrets of the Snakestone

“Another gorgeously articulated and emotionally insightful book from Lucy Ann Unwin about real children dealing with real stuff. And the rats are super cute. Empowering and exciting, you won’t read a better guide to personal politics and elections.”

Jennifer Claessen, author of October Witches, and the A Month of Magic series.

The Octopus, Dadu and Me
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