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Q&A with My Book Corner

The #TheOctopusDaduAndMe blog tour continues with a Q&A with wonderful children's book review treasure trove My Book Corner.

I share my worst habits, writing tips, what makes me happy and my obsession with chips!

It also includes a lovely review from children's author Bruna De Luca, who says:

"It just goes to show that children’s literature doesn’t have to shy away from difficult topics and it could mean a lot to a child to see their experience on a page, to see they are not alone. I think Lucy has done a brilliant job of tempering the emotional turmoil of Sashi’s family life with an offbeat, friend-fuelled mission that will keep the reader gripped: an octopus heist, no less!"

Read the full review and Q&A here 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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